2023 february

Do Look Up!

infinite is the width of the cosmos. equally the light of the first settled of O/M shines here over my home ground. gentle as an orbiter, INFINIT hovers over my head as I work. I don't notice her until I look up. and when I admire her, I can never look away. all is good!

Swiss Embassy of O/M

2022 december

ground control to major O/M: please come in!

after intense initial radio contact, O/M and I have established a permanent line that reliably supplies my own territory with knowledge about the new planet, its inhabitants and the illuminating goods produced there. To put it in the words of Rick Blaine (aka Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca): I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship


2022 october

discovery of planet O/M

after years of limited travel and research finally I discovered this enlightening and friendly new planet O/M in the península ibérica. I got hooked immediately and will try to land there soon. Find me flying by.

light + building, frankfurt

2022 october

planet mawa (also of PROLED)

mawa has been a part of my solar system for 15 lightyears, but now, after a union with two other planets mawa has also became part on the friendly proled group, based in Eurṓpē. that makes me being part of a triangular system with leaping dimensions

on the dimensional leap

2022 september


after a spring with intensive renovation work and a very hot summer, in which many friends flew in for a vacation stay, it is now up to us to finally enjoy the new quality of life here for 2 weeks and forget everything else that is happening outside in the cosmos.

2022 march


...do it better! they say. well, our experience is rather different, which leads us to another famous Italian saying: "In Italy you always build the house 2 times, the first time costs you a lot of money and you don't get what you expected, the second time you do it yourself, which costs you a lot of time that no one pays you."

all over the place
2021 october

unfriendly attack from outer space !!!

not only nice things happen in my cosmos! so I must report that after a change of power on one of my planets a long time not recognizable attack was planned from there against my center of life. But fortunately there is high power which stood by me and mercilessly eliminated the pests. The situation on the planet is again under control and our connection stands again.

center of my cosmos
2021 september

ready to WRANGLE

mentally some kind of vessel was always part of the colonization of 6tosenso, but some things just need time. I'm all the more pleased to have finally found the right vehicle to explore the planet. the transfer was a overnight journey right out of the box, and a big surprise for the countess of 6tosenso, when I landed directly in her front garden

outer banks of 6tosenso
2020 november

birth of planet HOP - catch the waves

in these times one must be creative and combine the knowledge of the present with the technical possibilities of our time in order to develop sustainable solutions for our future. the path is long, but exciting!

secret lab of iluum

2020 september

blue lagoon

my favorite place on 6tosenso: that pool, which sometimes, especially after a storm, when the sky remains gray and underneath the clouds the sun starts to sneak in again, brightening up nature, turns into a Turkish-blue lagoon

infinity pool
2020 april

the jurassic ride

taken my love and my spider for a ride to the Jura, where we stayed in a lovely b&b right on top of the plain above Tramelans. A stunning nature and the very comfortable "Au Chant Du Vent" made our stay as good as it gets

la tanne, jura

2019 december

torre guaceto

on the last day of 2019, a year with many obstacles, we took our friends to the marine nature reserve of Torre Guaceto for a long walk. 2020 can come!

carovigno, puglia

2019 september


when an old industrial area is rebuilt and various uses are planned for it, it is like a puzzle of millions of individual pieces. one of them is the custom-made "Grimm" luminaire for the HSLU library, which has a branch in the high-rise building. the construction site was planned by Manetsch Meyer Architekten.

rotkreuz, luzern

2019 june

mid century modern

not every day you get the chance to fill an original villa from the mid century modern era with light. said and done; the wittenberg 4.0 lighting system in various versions was used throughout the house.

zurich area

2019 march

tesi vs. antitesi

the thesis was to create a dematerialized light, showing the effect of the full moon, seen from earth. every thesis has it's antithesis, so there should be the same light, but shaded, in order to recreate the lunar eclipse. the study's were successful, two new stars were born in one go.

secret lab of iluum

2019 february

the eagle has landed

after a almost 3 year journey after project start finally we have stepped into the nearly finished building, having a first rest. the sleep was indeed very deep, besides still intense humidity due to the short construction time and the generator running 24/7

planet sestosenso

2019 january

Capo d'Anno at the White House

the first day of the new year brings the first sun towards the freshly plastered facade and rewards us with the first real impression of the harmony between manmade structures and the original nature.

carovigno, puglia

2018 december

Buon Natale Signore Lorenzo

"Merry Christmas Mister Lawrence" was a movie with David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto starring. The movie title in italian translation is dedicated to Lorenzo and his team. the house is not quite finished, but on a very good point. Non vediamo l'ora di ricevere le chiavi.

terreno sesto senso

2018 november

sculpturing in nature

at this stage it is just a sleak combination of different volumes, carefully arranged and positioned into the landscape. after fitting windows and doors there will be frontiers between the inside and the outside, so this is a special moment in the project.

carovigno, puglia

2018 october

kando @ IM VIADUKT...6

it is my pleasure to hand out our display window in the viaduct for some months to Felix Mosimann, who has created some unique little chandeliers, made of ancient crystal glass forms. They are collected by the brand KANDO

47.385803°N, 8.521725°E - zurich

2018 october

the plaster blaster

it's just a thin coating covering the brick layer and all the pipes and tubes, but once done, it gives a completely new feeling. it really feels like a real house now, similar to a fresh bread taken out of the oven.

living room

2018 october

tower safari

driving to sestosenso by car is a very nice road trip, leading through the Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, finally arriving in Apulia. besides the stunning landscapes there are water towers of unique architectural quality, just keep your eyes open.

autostrada adriatica - near foggia

to be continued
2018 september

it's complicated

to be honest, we never thought, there would be so many tubes. we are only providing the house with some electricity, air conditioning, ventilation system, indoor surveillance, surrounding monitoring, warm and cold water, a few lights, solar power and heating, a steam bath, a sauna, a whirlpool and some domestic appliance, so why all these tubes ;-) ?

living room

2018 september

small city - big mountains

some 800 lighting nerds have came together for the 23rd European Lighting Convention in the Congress Center up in Davos..., it's that where usually...W?F! We had the pleasure to offer a real good italian coffee to all our visitors at the cosy mawa booth and have given them the opportunity to understand better the design-philosophy and quality standards of Mawa.

congress center - davos

2018 august

tree safari

my eyes will never get enough of these strong plants, which usually live for several hundred years up to more than a thousand years. In the "Piana degli Ulivi" between Fasano, Carovigno and the Adriatic Sea there are some of the oldest olive groves worldwide, the whole area is proposed to be included in the UNESCO world heritage list. One can simply drive off and find new winding roads every day, surrounded by the ancient "muri a secco", behind which the olive groves seem to stretch endlessly.

olive grove, near fasano

2018 august

tschou zämu!

the first gig of FAT FREDDY's DROP to experience under the star spangled sky, front row by the way! Venue: open air Gampel, it could have been great, but the policy says, one hour max, which we did not know. SHIVERMAN was performed after 45 min, we thought, wow!...usually it's the last song....and it was...so that was my first and last visit to Gampel. Live Clip of "Russia" below

open air - gampel

2018 july

a piece of the puzzle

sometimes it's very nice to be just one piece of a big puzzle, that, when finished, is a great piece of architecture, brought to us by Armon Semadeni Architects. our piece was the customization and realization of the POTSDAM reading lights of Mawa, including installation.

university of applied sciences, fribourg

2018 july

cala cerasa

after a first time visit in july '17 on the road trip down to puglia, we revisited this very relaxed hippie-freestyle beach club just below Monopoli this summer, enjoying the fabulous sea food and very friendly people. it made us feel even more at home, when we bumped into people from Zürich sitting at the next table.

monopoli, italy

2018 july

fly-by 20th of july

this was the day, when one of those google satellites first captured the construction site form the orbit. Right now exclusively visible on Google Earth Pro, sorry about that!

carovigno, italy

2018 july

les rituels

Paris was not on my bucket list anymore due to unfriendly experiences earlier in my life. but then I got surprised by this festival in a forest of Paris, featuring Stavroz, Acid Pauli and Ozeanvs Orientalis and many more. there I was struck by this unplugged woodstock-style gig. I am still trying to find out, who they were....

bois de vincennes, paris

2018 july

of pipes and tubes

different countries, different approaches! in switzerland we are used to plan every detail in advance and then hide everything in solid concrete. the easier and also more flexible way is to cast the structure and then lay everything over the ground, which shows the wonderful line-management at this stage.


2018 june


there are words not translatable in their original sin. one of them is "capocanale", which is the italian name for the "roofing ceremony". we will try to find out the italian origin of it before we have the delayed capocanale party (at the end of construction)


2018 may


it is amazing, how fast the italian constructors are working, once they have got started. only 3 months after groundbreaking all exterior walls and the rooftop were built. our two week holiday next to the construction site started, when there was no wall at all, when we departed, we had the chance to stand on the rooftop already.

carovigno, italy

2018 april


sometimes people look in the sky and see things. many of them seem unexplainable, unless you look behind the scene. my personal experience here was explained quite easily, what does not narrow the effect and my amazement at all: the trails of a airplane flying towards the sun have created a shadow, which was made visible by the moist air.

ostuni, puglia

2018 april

rising to the sky

it has taken a long time to get started, but now the constructors are rocketing upwards very quickly. we just arrived, when the basement was ready to walk on, with culumns touching the sky already.

pool area

check later
2018 april

same same but different

sometimes things happen....someone damaged the left front fender of my Spider, while manoeuvring into a parking space. so I had to bring it to the garage. I completely cheered up again, when I saw the small brother of the Spider, same color, same rims, same engine, but instead of Pininfarina it's a Bertone!

car repair, zürich http://bermuda-garage.ch/kontakt.html

2018 march

casting the foundation

this is a view of the pool and SPA area (some say, it looks like a mafia-grave), looking into the beautiful macchia, which surrounds the complex, further behind with a distance of 4km is the adriatic shoreline, which can be seen from various spots on the terreno.

piscina, terreno

2018 march

Demian Bichsel @ ahoi ahoi

exhibition of young swiss film maker and photo heartist Demian Bichsel, showing collages of architectureal structures. his works invite your mind to go into his universe of re-composing ready made motives, showing many details at second or third site in a very clear view.

UPDATE 20191228 R.I.P.
2018 march

Gangkofner re-edition

in collaboration with the widow of Aloys F. Gangkofner mawa has gathered a family of pendant lights and is reintroducing them to the market at light + building. Gangkofner was a german glass- and lighting artist, who worked for companys like ERCO or Peill & Putzler. the range of models will be visible soon on the site www.mawa-design.ch

light + building, frankfurt

2018 march

Kasheme - over the rails

Kasheme, the public living room of Nick Mazrekaj, was homeless for a while, but finaly Nick found a new destination in the old Acapulco location. In case you don't know, it is really a living room, besides the bar, the record shop, the stage for poetry-slammers, musicians and dj's. proudly I have to say, we supplied some bubble lamps for a very unique chandelier, which was brought together by George of www.elastique.ch

neugasse, zurich

2018 february

finally digging

after a one year delay due to concerns of the construction authorities regarding high waters, which may appear once in fifty years, we have finally got the building permission, after relocating the pool and SPA complex. our team started immediately with digging, trying to catch up some of the lost time.

terreno, carovigno

2018 february

starman, part 2

David Bowie came back for a visit and then orbited the earth with a Tesla roadster listening to "space oddity" in has car radio, before vanishing in the depth of space for good. this remembers me of another guy, who came back for a visit a long time ago.

orbit, earth

2018 january

create your own Earth!

there was this crazy old guy, he wanted to go off in a home made rocket to prove, that the earth was flat. fortunately he did'nt, because authorities stopped him. anyway, the earth can be understood in many different ways, it's all about perspective and projection. check out this stunning tool and create your own world, let it be heart-shaped or like a butterfly with cut out stars, feel free to have your own perspective of Earth.

here on earth

2018 january

Dukta - within my view

by coincidence I got aware of the flexible wood-products by Dukta, which is a spinn-off of a ETH survey. then I even found out, they are making some lamp-shades with the same material. I visited them in their lab and I must say, impressive! Let's keep watching, what the future brings.

lab, zurich

2017 december

prototyping - MYCOSMOS

the idea of MYCOSMOS is born within half a night, it will be displayed to the world in the near future. just to make things clear: when I composed this image, I was not at all aware of those flat-earthers. but I did some research, and things are very clear!

homebase, zurich

right here!
2017 november

neue räume 17

the first participation of me and Codes Lite with the best collections, which we represent in Switzerland in a public exhibition. we have showcased the products of mawa-design and of course the iconic bubblelamps in the beautiful old venue in Zurich-Oerlikon among many other superior brands as B&B Italia, Minotti, Louis Poulsen, Via Bizzuno, Baltensweiler, Mox, Cassina.

eventhalle 550 „zurich“

2017 october

achtung fertig ABUNDZU

a minimal visual setting & of course the party star for the demolition party at Lessingstrassse studios. DJ's Zagara, Jestics & Snur, listen to Zagara's housewarming set

lessingstrasse, zurich

2017 september


despite some people think, this new part of zurich is not belonging there, because of displacement of original species, I am glad, KOSMOS has become real, because there was nothing there before, it's true! anything with such a name is my friend ;-)

UPDATE 20221205: KOSMOS imploded, will there be a rebirth at any time? Let's wait and see.
2017 september

setting the corner stone

taking measures for the final setting and beginning of construction in early 2018. the corner stones are set to get a feeling about the constructions in harmony with the natural surrounding. Pietro is doing a great job. and last but not least, we stayed at Alessandro's lovely apartment in Ostuni.

terreno, carovigno

2017 august

walking wine - on three wheels

if you ever visit Ostuni, you will find this guy called Andrea with his funny dog "Hugo" and with his 125ccm Piaggio Ape, which is a perfectly built wine bar. and if you pass the shoreline in the south part of Villanova at high noon, he will be there serving some of the best wines of the Salento.

seaside, ostuni

2017 july

birth of planet SHOP

we are proud to have worked out this plattform for informations about lighting themes and products. we use it as a tool also for our planning and retail partners to configure the products, they want to define. it's also a shop in a way, but mostly it's my working space in project-assistance in it's backend-level.

all over cosmos

2017 july

good bye perla-mode, hello perle...

the old culture-space PERLA-MODE was torn down and reconstructed. we have fitted out this new branch of the vegetarian restaurant-chain HILTL and also the PERLE club with custom made spot- & floodlights, but it is still not clear, what this dwarf want's to tell us.

langstrasse, zurich

2017 june

high times

proud to be a part of the galactic wedding of Playlove & Styro, one of my close companions in earlier days, when B-Side was still in da house. this is for sure the most crazy wedding party ever to have started in the universe. thank you crazy couple for being, as you are.

hotel schatzalp, davos
2017 may

Alfa Romeo SPIDER 2000 Veloce, 1973

sometimes life is just so great. I often dreamed about having a really nice old car. I already had one for a couple of years, but then I found this powerful dark blue beauty of same age, and I simply could not resist, so I had to farewell my beloved „Rebella“. I immediately took the Spider for a "Welcome to MYCOSMOS-ride" from Toffen through the highlands of Bern back to homebase Zurich. simply great! and yes, 1973 brings only good things to me!

oldtimergalerie, toffen

2017 april

introducing: FLUID

the first store of a new store-design concept initiated by Codes SA for Sunrise, containing the Fluid-Lamp, made of nearly 300 acrylic tubes combined with flowing LED-coulour effects, a unique brand identification experiment.

sunrise stores, switzerland

2017 april

surfing · it's on my bucket list

originally just a one-week relax trip including a private pool, MichiLove and me found ourselves meeting these handsome locals Matteo and Gabro at first sight entering the lonesome village El Cotillo. we noticed these surf dudes with their boards on the rooftop of a harassed but pimped Mercedes 500 SEC and later they played a sunset live-set including some tracks of Fat Freddy's Drop on my birthday. a new friendship was born with ease, and finally we got these surf lessons...

el cotillo, fuerteventura
2017 march

le contrade di Carovigno

we are getting very familiar with this lovely and very original area, which offers many natural surprises and set's the stage for various activities, such as Olive-Tree-Safari's or Lonely-Beach-Spotting. in the end it's all about freedom in nature and the Italian way of balancing things out.

carivigno, puglia

2017 february

bubble lamps - the arrival

pleased to welcome the first lot of bubble lamps into Switzerland in a 40" container, we are ready to spread these iconic design lamps by George Nelson all over our country and make them a item of consideration.

warehouse, switzerland

2017 january

prototyping - FLUID sculptural light

working on the prototype of a light-sculpure as brand identification part of a new retail concept for a national provider in telecommunication, more to be announced soon.

light lab, zurich

2017 january

schipfe - a joint venture

the restaurant "Schipfe" at the Limmat river in the heart of Zurich was refurbished by a design of Sibylle Prestel, it is the first project combining mawa-design spotlights and hermann miller bubble lamps, a perfect match in my eyes.

restaurant, zürich

2016 december


Lecce and the Salento, one beautiful city enviroment of much history surrounded by stunning landscapes on the tour around the peninsula. even in wintertime your eyes will be pleased with incredible views.

beach, near lecce

2016 november


the new travel centers at most major and many smaller swiss railway stations are fitted out with the unique "Seventies" spotlight by mawa-design, which matches the very clean interior design perfectly.

all over switzerland

2016 october

life is simple

just go to the bay, where the fisherman has just arrived, choose your dinner and he will prepare it for you almost ready for eating. Or if you are lazy, then have dinner at Michele's Miramare restaurant and enjoy the peak of local mediteranean kitchen.

torre santa sabina, puglia

2016 september

a smaller splash

inspired by the movie "a bigger splash" I took MichiLove on a surprise journey down to Pantelleria, following the trails of the movie, which includes exploiting the vulcanic island with a Citroen Mehari, having a swim in the gorgeous pool, where Harry finally drowned, and even living in the wonderful Tenuta Borgia, where big parts of the film were produced. by the way, the link to the movie-trailer is:


2016 september


first public appearance of our fully automated and predesigned visual surrounding on big screen, related to the flyer we did a theme going from over- to underwater and back, using overlays and effects reacting to the sound of the beats played by the dj's. thank You Michel for having us!

viaduct, zurich

2016 august

bella ciao - catch me if you can

enjoying Goran Bregović... after a religeous procession and a one hour blackout in honour of the fallen of the earthquake up in Amitrice, Goran and his band really rocked this place. watch the video of this traditional italian song, they interpreted, and catch me if you can at 2:24 to 2:27....besides that we were also progressing the architecture.

ostuni, puglia

2016 july

a decision is made

takover of the terreno, feeling very comfortable with the agent and contractor Lorenzo. we are also meeting the most probably executing architect Pietro the first time, but in fact the principle ideas are already set and he loves the concept. one famous architect once said,"if you don't have the principle idea at first site, it will never arrive".

carovigno, puglia

2016 june

birth of planet BUBBLE LAMP

we are trying hard to get the exclusive distribution rights to the swiss market from Herman Miller, who has taken over the worldwide rights for the bubble lamps of George Nelson. the launch is scheduled for end of the year, under consideration of the EU-certification process.

zeeland, michigan

2016 may


once again we were a part of this crazy creative crew of "OEPPEDIAE", hosting a high quality 3-day rave on the magic mountain. this time we pleased the folks with backlit visuals over the entire window-front in the main floor, offering stills and increasingly moving visuals.

hotel schatzalp, davos

2016 may

birth of planet SESTO SENSO - a piece of peace of mind

looking for the perfect ground for a hideaway with nothing but olive trees, the sun, the wind and the ocean. we think, the perfect place is found right in the middle of nowhere, the beginning of an exciting journey...

puglia. italy

2016 april


off to Genua and the ligurian coast for a weekender including a lovely birthday at the beach with 20° sunshine. in Genoa we spotted this perfect relative of Hafenkran Zurich.

genoa, liguria

2016 april

my first tattoo

I allways wanted one, free of any sense. now is the time. after a long journey of searching for the right idea's, I came up with the underwater world, which is in fact also a very large cosmos. I found Verena, who is a very good tattoo artist. completely happy with the result, but it was PAINFUL!

body, me

2016 april

work life balance, what's that?

the retirement of Ruedi, one of my closest friends, results in a grand party, introducing the Partystar in raw edition, accompanied by some visuals in a new automatic sound-responsive setting, enabling me as visual artist to lean back and enjoy the party with the dj's Manuell, Styro and Hypnorex.

güterschuppen, zurich
2016 march

prototyping - PARTYSTAR Galactica

the Partystar, inspired by geometry, the golden ratio and some other things is a new prototype in development, to be released to the world very soon. for the moment only the structure is built, to be filled with some effects.

home, zurich
2016 february

honigtiger in love

this crazy man has luckily became a important part of my life, we enjoy spending time in various ways, including of course our legendary kitchen sessions and the resulting projects now and then. good guy!

out there, zurich

2016 february

kindergarten bodmen

this cute new kindergarten-building, planned by Lux Architekten, is outfitted with the reinvented Oval Office pendant lamps. the lighting concept was completed with the wall lights of the same luminaire family.

riehen, basel

2016 january

starman, part 1

David Bowie has left us alone down here, but he went in style, publishing a new album shortly after leaving. some songs feel like a pre-anouncement of his departure. I am glad to have seen him live once back in 2006. he is a true inspiration.

far far away, out in space

2015 december

LILY'S factory - by penzel architects

the new LILY'S factory at Lochergut is designed by Penzel Architects, they chose to spotlight the tables with "Seventies" by mawa design, mounted on little chandelier-like structures, the basic light they realized as a smart LED-grid.

eatery, zurich

2015 december

prototyping - Oval Office

Oval Office is the name of the product, originally designed for a bank branch, now to be redefined with state of the art LED-technology, ready for takeoff towards a cute architectural project near basel, coming soon.

near berlin, brandenburg

2015 november

birth of a planet CODES LITE - lights allover

codes lite gmbh, my agency for lighting design & distribution has finally grown up to become a real planet together with my 2 partner-moons. it feels like a final destination in terms of "remaining work time" ;-)

viaduct, zurich

2015 november

when I grow up...

....I will build myself a house, so why not start thinking about it right now... inspired by a visit in Basel, where my friend Marco was a part of the project "Roter Korsar" in the docks of Porta-Basilea, I came home and thought to myself, how I would fit out that architecture, just for fun.

kitchen, home
2015 october

villa aesthesis

probably this is the most exceptional booking, I will ever have made. we enjoyed a week in this refurbished old structure, having the best possible view over the caldera of the Santorin volcano, and sunsets, one more beautiful than the last. unfortunately this will be a unique experience, the prices are raising towards unaffordable.

fira, santorini

2015 june

chateau des fous

and again we are a part of the OEPPEDIEA-crew and their very creative event-organization. This time we do some general lighting istallations for the chateau itself, and a new interpretation of the Medusa.

l'étang sur arroux, bourgogne

2015 march


I certainly believe in destiny: looking for a table for the balcony at Bogen 33 and having a couple of bucks parked for major aquisitions in this moment, I basically walk out of the store with a new car, new to me but in fact a vintage Fiat 124 Sport Coupé from 1973. thanks Fabio, thanks Vadim!

parking lot, zurich

2015 february

a Swiss String

some time ago I read something about aSS on Ron Orp, but it was not the right time. but now it is and luckily I remembered. these little pieces of art look just great on a woman, from bikini to lingerie, from modest to sexy and distributed all over cosmos.

web only

2014 december

culture division

we loved the locals in Dahab so much, that we revisited them in wintertime. on the morning of departure back home this image struck me. I was standing at the sea of division, on this side the cultural melting pot, where everybody can feel free as a bird, on the other side the coast line of Saudi-Arabia, which must be a dark and fearful place on earth.

dahab, red sea
2014 august


my partner in the office decided to have a dog. Uma was chosen and is now a welcome member of our office family. she also loves to hang around with the Tripod bubble lamps

office, viaduct

2014 july

the Dahab experiments

various experiments in one go: first patchwork holiday with MichiLove and all our kids, first time ever on arabian ground, first dive's in the red sea and also experimenting with the panorama mode of the camera (circling around a object instead of only rotating the cam).

dahab, red sea

2014 june

abundzu metamorphosis

one hell of a big thing: we are responsible for the main dance floor and had a setup of 12 beamers creating 360° visual surrounding effects, and of course the Medusa was part of the set-up. This was a bunch of workload, but finally we were rewarded greatly by hot summer weather, groovy outdoor dj-sets and actually sort of a woodstock setup, unforgettable to me.

hotel schatzalp, davos

2014 may


the viaduct-area is one of the most attractive spots in Zurich. you can do shopping, sports, go to dinner, bars, concerts or parties, or you can work there, as I do since 2010. from now on the bubbles are in my direct sight everyday in our office and showroom.

viaduct, zürich

2014 april

prototyping - Salt. window display

I am delighted to be in charge of one particle within a complete rebrand design and development process. my job is to engineer new window-displays with glowing LED-rings and sort out all the details of construction, controlling and calculation.

secret lab, zurich

2014 march

a quick surprise trip

MichiLove took me to the plane, i got my seat, put the earphones on to keep the secret alive, but then the captain yells into the audio-system, the weather is going to be nice in "Mallorca". what a spoiler! he was, but we enjoyed the sun in the relaxed south east part of the island anyway.

mallorca, mediteranean sea

2013 december

love is in the air

it was the first time in my life, I was not in a relationship for quite a while. with the time I was getting quite relaxed with the situation. Maybe that helped to be openminded for someone new to enter my life. she gripped me completely, when we first met at Daniel H. Bar

bar, zurich

2013 november

blessing in disguise - a new ride

it was not the best start in my weekend, when I found my bike to be stolen right from my front door. money was rare, so I walked away to check all the local bicycle-stores nearby for a cheap bike. I fell in love immediately withe this Koga-Miyata racer, so I stressed my budget, because.....a long time ago I had one....it got stolen too. So let's give it a new try.

kanzleistrasse, zurich

2013 august


the illumination of a unique masterpiece is set for it's first public show. the giberg is a dragon, made of massive gold and overcasted with hundred of diamonds. the giberg starts a road show through exclusive venues accompanied by a custom made lighting set-up.

st.moritz, engadine

2013 july

bubble lamps as brand identity

as part of the redesign of the Orange-stores the topic was to find a very large pendant, which is unique in it's recognition. The Saucer XL was selected to be the one. This was the beginning of trade into Switzerland and to bring the Nelson Bubble Lamps to the public eye. they were shipped directly from Modernica Los Angeles at this time.

all over switzerland

2013 july

Indy Oerlikon

I have to admit, I admire old cars, especially racing cars. perhaps it's may dad's fault, he used to drag me to Formula 1 races back in the 70's. nowadays there is this unique yearly event, where old men take out their old cars and race them on a oval course, normally made for bicycle races. it's strange but funny!

offene rennbahn, oerlikon

2013 june

chateau des fous

new play in new place, the first OEPPEDIAE event in this stunning little castle. our contribution: the first appearance of the Medusa, a multifunctional chandelier with projections, LED-light effects and haze, just for the delight of all dancers below it.

l'étang sur arroux, bourgogne

2013 february

prototyping - MEDUSA

after having a bit of experience in installing all our lighting gear before the party, I thought, this shall be easiier in the future, why not have the whole equipment in one structure, like a chandelier. said and done, this is the prototype, containing 2 beamers, several rotating engines with light dividing glasses attached, some rotating prisms being the playground for two laser, also some mini disco balls, a multifunctional 5m LED-cord and even a fog-machine.

living room, zurich

2012 december


first moving projections in public on a very cold sunny morning till evening. it was probably the coziest place in town that day and we were delighted to run some live tests in the heart of Zurich Underground. thank you boys from inteam!

hive, zurich

2012 november

dancing queens

legendary kitchen sessions part 1 · testing the field of moving micro projections with moving content...yes, that is the movement within the movement, a new dimension in a small scale setup, similar to earth circling around the sun, which is part of our circling galaxy.

kitchen, zurich
2012 august

OYO, for your eyes only?

within a lighting design project for a eye doctor I created OYO, a unique light-sculpure, which gently floats between the colours and white in two independant moods (inner and outer circle). The effect of slowly changing coloured and white combinations can also be named as hypnotic, but is is certainly very relaxing. In the end the silhouette of OYO was chosen as inspiration for the brand identity.

eye-doc, near zurich

2012 june

abundzu pfingsttanzen

once again up on the mountain. this time me and Martin installed a very fine random laser-play through glas prisms all along the gangway (about 20 meters). unfortunately this was not easy to capture into the camera, and there was a little to much surrounding light, but those who have seen it, will remember. we keep on working on the theme.

hotel schatzalp, davos

2012 january

LED Forum 2012

I was invited by Ruedi Felder, head of the unit ITG of Electrosuisse, to present a survey of the advantages and disavantages of the most popular light sources as halogen,metal halide and also state of the art LED. the presentation was surrounded by a small exhibition, showing each of those diffent types of light-sources and their effect on a bunch of roses in warm colours.

house of congress „zurich“

2010 august

close encounter with the bubble lamps

while visiting mawa in Berlin, I was invited by my old friend Martin Manser to his apartment in the historic building "Eternit Haus" in the Hansaviertel. I was not at all aware at this moment, that this was my first close encounter with the iconic bubble lamps. Martin had them nicely arranged over the stairway of his duplex.

eternit haus, berlin

2010 february

rays of light - but not Star Wars!

as a pre-opening installation in the new viaduct office of Lichtblick we designed light lines mounted on wires, gliding through the space. we took acrylic tubes, coated with hand crafted japan-paper and inserted colored LED's, all plug & play.

viaduct, zurich

2008 september

bubble lamps at vitra design museum

this is the first time for me to stand under some bubble lamps. I am really fascinated or rather hypnotized by the relaxed spheres hanging in the building of Frank O. Gehry. I wonder, if they will be available in Europe one day.

vitra design museum, weil am rhein

2008 august

birth of planet MAWA - getting serious

it was always my goal in lighting to represent a fine company with technical knowledge and harmonic design. working with the lichtblick-team made it possible. the initial project was a public space filled with wittenberg-chandeliers.

moeriken - out there

2008 february

abundzu airlines

fly with abundzu, proud to be part of the deco-team, we (me and my former girlfriend Nathalie) took care of the main elevator, making it the inside of a aeroplane, accompanying the guests to their flight-levels, including air holes, authentic flight sound and changing daylight coming through the plane windows.

hotel schatzalp, davos

2008 january


it is always the artsitic part of the commercial fair "light+building", which is held in Frankfurt every second year, to illuminate the skyscrapers and other monuments of the city in various ways. there are also light installations in indoor venues all over town.

downtown, frankfurt

2007 november

branch opening

the lighting design studio "lichtblick" is going Zurich, and it is my pleasure to get things going for them. I met Thomas during my studies in lighting design in Winterthur and we got on so well, that we decided to work together. we found a nice small office with showroom in Wipkingen.

lichtblick, zurich

2006 october

it's a question of perspective

it's a strange scene: on the one side you are standing on solid ground and observing the ships with their crews passing through the Miraflores Locks, on the other side this is a special moment for the crews, they see land all over and also many spectators for a while, so it's like in a zoo for both sides.

miraflores locks, panama canal

2006 september

it feels like paradise

my first holiday out of europe, and straight into the archipelago of San Blas, which is under self-administration by the native Kuna. the Kuanidup island is one of the few lodges, therefore very expensive. usually we were on the sailing boat of my dad Willy and his loved wife Gloria.

san blas, panama

2006 april

birth of planet ILUUM - catching lights

it was a appearance of unknown kind, when I started some examinations of light effects, resulting in a cosmic light atmosphere in my bedroom, using some light-breaking crystals and a narrow light beam pointing at them out of a completely shaded black box.

ceiling - bedroom
2004 april

for once a birthday

a warm family day with 3 generations and close friends all around one fireplace. a peaceful surrounding, also a hideaway, far away from the stress of everyday workload. we are thankful for this gift in days, where everything on this planet seems to be complicated.

grauen, untereggen
2003 january

old macdonald had a farm...

as a family we rented this old little farm house for two years, it was a nice place for the kids to spend time during holidays and the weekends surrounded by sheep, donkeys, hens, snails, dogs, cats, a slight sea view and many stunning sunsets.

grauen, untereggen
2002 january

Denice and her godmather Esther

one of mankinds strange habits is to "christian" their children, later they shall also be confirmated, I remember going through both, my children only went to stage 1, after this they decide for themselves, if they want to stick to religion or rather quit.

church, oerlikon
1997 july

the children of my life - Nikita & Denice

what a great feeling to see new life grow out of my own seeds, it's like a everlasting miracle. it is like two lives, one before and one while living with children. Nikita & Denice, welcome to my cosmos! I'm sure, we will have a great time together on planet earth.

home, zurich
1996 january

metal & music

one day Sämi decided to quit his job and to get into metal working, a good choice, as we know by now, but first there had to be a nice party in his new shop, and I was a proud DJ working the turntables with all these machines around me

sämi's shop, zurich

1995 august

modeling for fun

on holiday with close friends, we found this mad max style venue, where we spontaneously began to have fun in front and behind the cam (Rita Palanikumar). In fact this place was also used as stage for some of those famous spaghetti western's.

rambla de tabernas, andalucia

1992 december


it was the early days of techno, specially in St. Gallen, where there were no places at all to go to, so we made ourselves a own stage for one night only. this even convinced our friends from zurich to come to the east and have a great night in the unique surrounding of the old warehouse of "wassergasse", nowadays the head-quarter of raiffeisen by the way.

wassergasse, st. gallen
1991 december

birth of planet B-SIDE - it can not be small enough

St. Gallen in the early 90's, so boring! so we misused our cellar and made a small music-bar, open for friends on weekends and every days for me to increase my mixing skills. at this time I was not at all aware of the things to come, of all that great dance music to be created throughout the planet.

kellerbar, st. gallen
1990 december

dance of the vampires

there were these crazy 3 girls of appenzellian origin, they were always making these stunning party's. one of them was the "dance of the vampires". where I became TDFKAD, the DJ Formerly Known As Dracula. by the way, Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate were also reported to be seen on this party.

appenzell (transylvania)
1987 august

punky times

in these days a small breeze of new wave and punk hit the town, and we were all into it more or less, having those wild hairstyles or just wearing black clothes only. And we showed the city, what we thought of adapted behavior.

rooftop UG24, st gallen

1986 july

disovering myself with artwork

after 3 years of a high school-flight my head was empty, I really had to get to do something meaningful besides refurbishing old bicycles, so I decided to quit high-school and give art a go, so I landed directly in the preliminary course of the art-school. this was the greatest year of my life so far, it was so much fun to seek for my creative side after a long time of brainwork only. this was the time, I found out about myself, that I have multi interests, and I had this feeling, my life would change in all sorts of directions over and over.

schule für gestaltung, st gallen
1969 august

a walk on the moon

well, I was not really aware of all this happening in summer 69, but certainly my parents could watch the first steps on the moon live. as a local distributer of Omega my dad was trading the Speedmaster moonwatches at the time, and we had these great large scale prints of the best moon pictures all over the place. that is probably the beginning of "my cosmos".

moon orbit, near earth

1968 april

birth of my solar system - hello everybody!

it's me, I'm here now in my cosmos for some time, let's get hooked!

johannesburg - south africa

wwwhat?... sorry, but there is no internet in these days